A Centre For The Arts

Like national capitals and other major cities everywhere, London has been a prominent artistic and cultural centre for centuries. It was here, after all, that the plays of Shakespeare were first put on at the Globe Theatre. It is here that you will find many famous paintings and sculptures by the great masters, by both English and foreign artists, in the National Gallery, the British and Victoria & Albert Museum, which houses one of the world’s largest collections of decorative art. And much contemporary art work is done in the city as well.


Types of Art Work Services in London

London is also a place where you can find services for the more down-to-earth forms of art — canvas prints, posters, photography, illustrations and the like. One place where you can buy canvas prints is Pop Art UK, which has the best-selling prints in the city — and they have one of Abbey Road, the studio where the Beatles recorded their albums, including the one that bears the name!

Other such stores include Mohka and London Canvas Prints, and people can have their own custom prints made by such businesses as Superchrome, YA2C (Your Art2 Canvas) and Canvas Dezign, all of which make prints on canvas from photographs that their customers bring in.

If you’re in an exhibition, gallery or museum in London, the art there are not the only pieces of creative design. The exhibition display stands are produced in a way to be interesting, appealing and informative to the audience. If you have a similar type of service or you attend to exhibitions, these event stands are a perfect way to showcase your work. Acquire services from reliable suppliers like MXL Bespoke Display Solutions. You can visit their website at www.mxlltd.co.uk for more information.

One of the best places to go to buy posters in London is All Posters, which also has branches in the United States. Customers can find pictures of all kinds of things here — education, architecture, motivational, animals, landscapes, religion and spirituality, humour, travel and much more. One notable picture is of a red double-decker bus in an otherwise black-and-white scene that also includes Big Ben the clock tower and an old-fashioned car. Products may also be purchased with a frame. Another highly recommended poster supplier is Vintage Image. Based in North London, these are leading experts in the sale of classic and original movie posters and signs. Some of the featured and collectible products include James Bond, Dracula and many more film genres and retro images.

London street artPhotography is another product that AP deals in, including autographed pictures. Other things sold at AP include collectible prints, wall scrolls, wood mounts, panel art, framed lamina, art on glass, metal and acrylic, iPhone cases, giant art, desk mats and wall decals, murals and signs. It can be difficult when choosing a photographer, especially for business purposes in such a large city. If looking for commercial photography, Fresh Pack Photo is a great option. Based in London, these professionals know how to sell a product through high quality imagery. Urgent deliveries are also not a problem with Evolution Time Critical. They offer the best emergency overseas courier service in the Europe.

For illustrations, London again has plenty of that. Among the best illustrators based in the city is Chris Martin, who spends much of his time “tongue in cheek and crayon in hand” — when he is not deleting emails from misguided fans of Coldplay, that is. Martin does advertising, animation, packaging and editorials. Perhaps the most memorable of all his illustrations is that of a giant old man sleeping in the midst of a city, with all kinds of activity going on around him. Most of the other objects in the drawing are bottles, though there are a few houses and mountains. The picture is titled “Remnants of a Bender.”